#2 Phuket

Lets just talk about how humid and hot it was, which makes applying on makeup or styling your hair simply impossible. With a lot of effort and air conditioned room you might achieve the desired results bare in mind in order to keep everything in place you have to stay indoors.

Dream Beach Club ex Nikki Beach was just what you need to hang around during the day, white double beds, reasonably priced cocktails, pool bar, DJ mainly playing techno music and the see was just a few feet away. However at night is very quiet due to it's location I guess and the limited transportation.

Luckily we were staying at Dream Beach Hotel and Spa which offered a shuttle bus to and from the beach club up to 10PM at night.

Funny enough I was speaking with some of the locals who mentioned that March was for them as for us in Europe early spring days, it was actually 35 degrees Celsius. Hooray for early spring in Thailand I am not coming over during the hot summery days!

Something I've learned there - you don't need to spend crazy amount of money to look chic. Asian/Thai fashion is so affordable, cute and colourful. You can play around it and come up with a great outfit for literally £10 head to toe. Yes please! I have always been into fashion, and believed that you don't have to spend a fortune on a pair of clothing piece to look great, well Asia proved me right. If you know what suites you figure, what colours go with your hair and skin tone and you wear that outfit like is tailor-made for you even the most expensive Chanel dress won't beat your look! (But I would have that Chanel dress too!)

                                                                                                      ♥ Simona


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