#3 Belgravia

 In a city that is always so busy and chaotic there is a quiet little heaven called Belgravia. First thing first, allow me to say that Belgravia isn't only white, residential buildings where every fashion blogger has taken an outfit picture. In the past Belgravia was home for some great people who deserve a mention such as Henry Grey (we've all seen Grey's anatomy, he wrote the book), Ian Fleming (From Russia with Love) Sir Roger Moore, Alfred Lord Tennyson ( you don't need a reminder) and of course it's the birth place of Lord Randolph Churchill (Winston's father) and many more.

It does make it the perfect little day out in London while strolling among it's five squares, there are some lively places inside such as Tomas Cubbit ( yes named after the guy who basically build Belgravia) , Amaya (michelin star Indian restaurant), The Star Tavern, Zafferano ( recommended only if you speak Italian). Surprisingly there is a semi night life at the library bar at The Hari Hotel and Salmoniti write next to it currently closed.

Still not convinced?.. you turn right at the corner of Sedding Street you find yourself at the busy Sloan Square, which transforms beautifully from the middle of May for the Chelsea flower show. The square it's buzzing from early mornings to late nights owning to the fact there are variety of coffee shops, breakfast places, restaurants and bars. Finding also Cadogan Hall behind Sloane Square Hotel one of London's leading classical music venues where tickets can be found from £10 up to £50 depends on the venue.

Last but not least I've got to mention the shopping experience starting at King's  Road with a high street fashion stores from Zara to Lulu Lemon and of course Chelsea Tailors. You won't miss the 3 story Peter Johns part of John Lewis while walking up Sloane Street hosting the biggest names of the fashion industry Dior, Chanel, Chloe, Gucci and Hermes is to join the Sloane Family next year.


                                                                                                      ♥ Simona


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